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What People Say About Heavenly Stuff ;-)

Just wanted to say ''Brilliant'' ''Amazing'' used it 3 time over the weekend (the Tymes - You Little Trust Maker) and it sounds awesome ... thank you! 
P E R F E C T !! Ď:0) We are there !!

Wow, Thank You, Thank You. Please feel free to use any of the following for your feedback files. I knew from the start that Iíd come to the right place after an online search to get the track Ďdone by strangers.í I certainly didnít feel I was in the company of strangers throughout this process because of our communications and because of your total professionalism. I know there were a few fiddly bits to sort in the final mix, but Iím so impressed by the smooth process from start to finish. Thank you Joe and to all at Heavenly Media! It was great working with you and I now feel I have a trusted source to go to for backing tracks! Hurray!
Lily Waterstone, UK - The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) xxx

"I've heard many custom tracks from others. When HM sent me over my first custom track they did for me, I was a blown away!.The feel and instrumentation sounded incredible. The song I requested him to do was a very old song and they brought it right up to date! Thomas Siconolfi, New Jersey USA

"It never ceases to amaze me how good you make things sound".
- Ian McCormick - New Zealand

"Great customer service great backing tracks!!"
- Mark Welsh - Lancashire, UK

"Excellent job !! Seriously, that was GREAT !! I'm very pleased".
- Emerson Smith - Arizona, USA

"Everything working as it should. Thank you for persevering with a new kid on the block. I have sampled lots of midi files on the web and yours are far and away the best sounds I have come across. I will be purchasing many more. At this stage you have a very happy first time customer".
Thanks again, - Hugh Coulter, USA

"The name Heavenly is revered by me. I'm always amazed at what you guys do with General Midi. I was a secondary school music teacher up here in Scotland and I used to use your files as THE standard to aspire to with my students" - Kenny Duncan, UK

"Would just like to say firstly that luv luv luv the trax i have had so far, so alike originals, nice quality and BVox subtle perfect!!!  Cant wait to sing with them soon. I have told colleagues about your site too!! Love the list you do, some real obscure ones, fab!!! You can honestly say I am very fussy with my back tracks I use, and I spent hours searching on the Net, I listen and compare tracks, and to be honest have found only a few that I would buy from and use.  I love the quality, the choice of songs are different to other suppliers, have managed to find some obscure ones I have been searching for for ages. Also the backing vocals are very well thought out, they sit perfect in he mix, without the singer having to compete, or have to turn track down. So...all in all I am well happy with your trax." -Barbie Allen - UK

"I anticipate a lengthy relationship between us based on the quality and variety of your product. You guys are my go to for midi tracks. You should give some of the new stuff a go, I'm certain it would be far superior to what other midi sites are offering as you guys do such great work"
- Mick Fowler - sound mixer on "CSI", L.A.

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for supplying the best re-recorded music around for amateur and professionals alike. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again real soon".
Best, Joe Branch - Lead vocalist of the Delfonics

"As usual, you carry an exceptional audio product. Better then any other web site that I had visited. Thank you!" - Aarnarian Snow - St. Louis, Missouri
"The track is brilliant, top top quality. I didnt expect it to sound to good. Well done and many many thanks". -Paul Clark - Invergordon, Highlands of Scotland

"Got the 'Tragedy' backing track - it is totally superb!! I can't thank you enough for caring so much as to completely redo the track (from scratch!) in order to maintain your standard of product and ensure the song was to my satisfaction. I am part of a Bee Gees tribute band and part of my job is to seek out the ultimate versions of each of the songs we perform, so that we can be the best out there, and believe me, I can categorically state that your version of 'Tragedy' is by far the best currently on the market. Well done, and once again, a big thank you!! (And yes you can quote me, because you deserve everyone to know how good you are, and to save us performers from getting ripped off by purchasing sub- standard crappy tracks from all the (Brand name censored) kings out there!!!)". - Mark Scott - Lancashire, UK

The files are, as usual, unbeatable. I have played your files to many of my friends and they can't believe they are midi-files. That's how good they are. Thanks again". - George Martin - UK

"I've been buying your backing tracks since the London MIDI exhibitions back in 1993 and I couldn't believe that you guys could get better than you already were but I have to say that you have done exactly that - just better and better. Thanks again for all the music. Peace" - George Williams of the Tymes - UK

"You guys really know how to make a track feel just right. Can't wait to order more songs. Thank you!" - Clem C - UK

"Thank you for everything, the track " Cowboys to Girls" the timing, the service and the quality was simply outstanding. And the price was right ! I also appreciated your personal attention to this particular transaction. You made it very easy and affordable. Just what I need in my world. Thanks HM" - Rich Simmons - PA, USA

"Wow - Iv`e been looking for this track [Sand In My Shoes] for years. The quality is outstanding - 5 stars...thx so much" - John Robinson - Cheshire UK
"Absolutely superb customer service and excellent quality of product. I am very pleased with my purchases and will be coming back to the site to make further purchases in the future"
- Frederick Isaacs - Dorset UK

"All three (custom song files) are absolutely brilliant and sounding fantastic, well beyond my expectations. I'm now busy working on my guitar parts for these excellent backing tracks. I'll hopefully be getting in contact in a few weeks time as I have some other songs lined up for your production. - Many thanks again"
- Alan Beattie - Aberdeen, UK

"Hey guys, just to let you know that i got the [custom] Commodores song, "Slippery When Wet" and again, I am EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH THE OUTCOME. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK"- Jose' Rubio - Florida, USA

"I'm not 'JIVE TALKIN' when I say it would be a 'TRAGEDY' if you're not 'STAYIN' ALIVE' with 'TOO MUCH HEAVEN'ly Media - Blue Weaver
- Ex keyboardist for the BEE GEES - UK

Hi there I got my reorder of the two live songs and boy they are HOT if all of your live songs are put down like these MAN!!!! Once again thank you I wish you would make you live songs longer. But hey they still are THE BEST. :)
- June Spates, USA

"The best tracks ANYWHERE, HM certainly know their trade. Their orchestrations and backing vocals are truly professional. When I heard the first track we bought, I couldn't wait to perform it on stage, we were suddenly in a different league, with a full orchestra behind us. Heavenly are also very helpful. We'll be back for sure!"
- David Marriott, Mansfield, UK

"First off - the people at Heavenly Media are the nicest most caring people to work with. I am relatively new to the music business and have experienced my share of companies that really don't care about one's development. Not the case with Heavenly. They provide true quality music and ensure that it suits the customers individual needs. I live in the US and it would be easy for a company in another country to just give you bare minimum - not the case with Heavenly. They take pride in what they do from start to finish. I am so glad that I have them doing my backing tracks. Best move I've made in this career thus far"
- Mike Barros, Mattapoisett, U.S.A.

"Just writing to let you know my CD arrived yesterday afternoon. It took a while (Christmas Post UK to USA), but it was well worth the wait! I've never heard anything so well-mixed, crisp and clear. I tip my hat to you guys 'cross the pond. I'll definitely be in touch to order more tracks. Thanks again, great job!" - Alan Rice, Philadelphia, PA

"The tracks are fabulous. You certainly are helping to bring our live performances to new heights - sounds terrific. My goal is to replace all my backing tracks with Heavenly Music arrangements (they can't be beat, you guys are the best)." - Carolyn from North Wales

"I want to take this time out to express gratitude and great appreciation I have for the HMS team. I have been in the music business for over 30 years and I know what it takes to stay on top in such a very competitive field. I have always worked with live bands and performed with many vocal groups throughout the years. Most recently I decided that it was time for me slow down a bit and do a little solo thing on the side. So I travelled to New York City and spent several hundred dollars on some Karaoke CD's for my backing tracks. Well it didn't take long for me to become discourage with the Karaoke CD's because there was no continuity in the feel of the music , if you know what I mean? So I went on a mission hoping to find a local studio that did custom backing tracks. I came across a few companies who claimed to be the the answer to my prayers but they all fell far too short of my expectations - until I happened upon a web site called Heavenly Media Services. There I found a page with samples demos of their work. Well it didn't take long for me to write to these people and inquire about their services. I ordered several songs from their library and I was definitely pleased with the tracks. So now I was ready to move on up to the next level and have a few custom tracks done by HMS. All of the particulars were worked via email and I was assured that HMS could meet my needs. Meeting my needs was an understatement. The tracks I had custom made were the BOMB!!! Not only was the music to the "T" but the background vocals were on the money. I have been with HMS since 2001 now and I proudly recommend HMS to my friends in Boston, Ma. , Cape Cod Ma. and even in New Haven, Cn. I just want to say thank you Jose' Ortiz & co. and may you and your great team have continued success."
- Denny Mendes, New Bedford, Ma. USA

"I've had backing tracks from around the world and HEAVENLY are, by far, superior!! many of their arrangements are better than the original recordings!. They're produced with FEEL, PUNCH, DYNAMICS and just plain GREATNESS! HM obviously LOVE what they do and it SHOWS! I now get rave response at top rate restaurants, country clubs, and casinos using HM tracks. Their catalogue should be your FIRST PLACE to search. To sum up their work in a word...WOW!
- Mark Dezii, P.A., USA

"Everything went brilliantly, we would recommend your service to anyone anytime!"
- Theresa McCarthy - UK

"WOW! I have yet to see anywhere else, some of the songs I see on this site. I'm like a kid in a candy factory. Also, your service to make a song from other sources (mp3, CD...etc.) is the most reasonable I've seen yet. Keep up the good work. Totally astonished!"
- Robert L Hughes, Tamworth, Staffordshire

"Heavenly? No question - We've been knowing them for many many years now and one thing that's for sure is that their Midi Files have come to a level of quality that is hard to beat. It's the dynamics, and intensity that makes this music become alive, at a density which certainly requires that much experience to be achieved with 'general' MIDI stuff...sounds great and inspiring, even with simple equipment or plug-ins". - Charlie Steinberg - CTO - Steinberg Media Technologies AG

"The Rolls Royce of commercial producers"
- Vic Lennard - ST Review

"The quality of programming is SUPERB, with a distinctive 'FEEL' for every pattern. Superb sequencing and an extensive range. A positive inspiration to work with. It would be hard to imagine that their quality could be bettered! Virtually IMPOSSIBLE TO FAULT"

"Masterful, corking, ludicrously under priced but most highly recommended"
- Zen Scheopes-Studio Sound

"All disks reviewed can be summed up in a word, QUALITY!
- Derek Johnson - Sound On Sound

We can't buy feedback like this! We are humbled to have garnered such response!

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