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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Cost?

Popular less complex songs are cheaper to produce. Obscure densely arranged songs (like big band / show tunes) will be pricey! If you want it yesterday - a 25% - 65% premium could apply. Type of usage may require a different license. Once a song is booked for production, we endeavour to deliver work within a mutually agreed time frame. We shall not be liable for any delays or losses resulting from our inability to deliver due to factors that may be beyond our control (e.g. power cuts, internet access problems with our ISP, physical illness of performers etc).

Click here for a rough outline of production procedures.

How Long Does a Song Take To Complete?

We aim to deliver within 3 to 10 working days, subject to current workloads although rush orders accepted with a much quicker turnaround time but at a premium. Have more than one song produced and batch discounts may apply!

See our service agreement.

More Questions?

Q. Do we send you score or printed charts for reference during production?
A. Youtube link/s to the version/s you want is the best way to submit a song for production.

Q. Do songs have proper gig endings or fade-outs?
A. YES! We do not use fade outs unless specifically asked to do so.

Q. Do you offer custom backing tracks in Multi-track format?
A. We do not as a matter of course - supply our backing tracks in that format but it is do-able at extra cost. Such time doing this would be billed at our regular hourly 20.00 / hour or part thereof.

Q. What is the cost per backing track and is there a discounted price for a certain number of tracks ordered?

A. Discounts are normally only offered on songs purchased / licensed from our stock library but on BULK custom work, there may be some room for negotiation.

Q. Are you using real sounds or midi?
A. Please check out our demos as they answer the question better. We can go into loads of tech talk but in the end - it is what is heard that is more important than HOW we get there ;-)

Q. What format would the tracks be sent in and would it be send as individual instrument files or 1 working file for use in pro-tools etc?

A. Again - normally - we supply our tracks as standard stereo mixdowns at the best quality mp3 - roughly 256 kb/s or better, 44.1 KHz 16 bit. Separate audio stems can be generated at hourly rates.

Q. What is the approximate time frame to have a song completed?
A. It depends on factors such as complexity of arrangement, density of production and current work loads. Block booking time for your project is possible but there may be a premium for doing so. It is safe to assume about 3 working days or better per song. We have been known to turn around on as little as 3 hours!!!

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