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About Heavenly Media - the Company & People

Heavenly Media Services (formerly Heavenly Music) is a leading provider of quality music and media driven products and services for musicians, vocalists, arrangers and producers of music, video and film since the mid 1980s. Their first release was Dr.Beat MIDI Rhythm Patterns followed by numerous composer tools. Today Heavenly specialize in products and services aimed at everyone involved in music, midi, sound, video and virtually all other multimedia related fields. Formed in 1992 by Producer and session and touring musician Joe Ortiz and Singer Songwriter Pauly Ortiz (collectively known as Heaven on Earth) in Essex, UK, they released their first product, Dr. Beat MIDI Samples then simply referred to as MIDI building blocks.

In 1995, Yamaha Corporation in Japan asked Heavenly to produce a great many popular songs in MIDI format for the now legendary XG library (click here for a list). At this time,

Heavenly's users are as diverse as the products and services that they offer and include entry level to seasoned professionals from 8 to 80! They are students, educators, producers, arrangers, composers, performers, manufacturers, TV, Radio, Film & Stage personnel, advertisers, enthusiasts & hobbyists of anything music, midi, audio, video and Internet.

Calling all resellers, distributors and OEMs

Heavenly Media is actively looking for resellers / distributors to join their existing network. If you are such a re-seller / distributor, please contact us. Heavenly Media produces a range of professional products and services.

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