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Professional Custom Backing Tracks

"Man Joe you are absolutely a phenomenal song and music arranger and I say that because to replicate a song to this degree you have to already be a great song writer and music arranger and musician Thanks you so much, Joe what would be your schedule for the other songs?" - Rodney Ballard, USA

This by the way ... was on a MIDI File!!! It wasn't even audio so it was definitely a rabbit out the hat. Contact us now to have your song produced from scratch and join the thousands of satisfied Heavenly beings that have used our products and services

Heavenly Media song production services and products continue to be among the first choice of top performers world-wide! In addition to professional end users like the Duprees, George Williams of the Tymes, Blue Weaver of the Bee Gees, Clem Curtis of the Foundations, Joe Branch of the Delfonics, the Stylistics and even Michael Jackson - writer of the hit 'Blame It On The Boogie'!, our clients have also included Yamaha Corporation of Japan, Roland UK, Creative Labs, Steinberg, Alesis and more. You would be hard pressed to match the quality of our productions anywhere else so if you're looking to have your backing tracks produced from scratch .... your search ends here!

Features ...

  live gig endings - no fadeouts!
  available in original key sigs
  real bass & guitars on most songs
  live backing vocals - no electronic stuff!
  we can tweak them for you if needed

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