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We put our very best into each and every track that we produce so that YOU can shine and be the best that you can be!

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Professional Backing Tracks

When YOU need top drawer backing tracks - Heavenly Media have got your back! These tracks have been the de-facto standard since 1993. It's all in the FEEL of every single one of our trax. They are ALL lovingly produced in-house. Quality over quantity has always been the way. Just check out any of the demos and you will KNOW that this the real deal.

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Joe Ortiz
T/A Heavenly Media Services


Product features ...

  live gig endings - no fadeouts!
  available in original key sigs
  real bass & guitars on most songs
  live backing vocals - no electronic stuff!
  we can tweak them for you if needed



Custom Tracks



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"Difficult to imagine that their products can be bettered" - Jon Bates / Future Music

Ludicrously under-priced for the quality on offer"
- Zen Sheopes

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We do loads including custom song production, remote session services, jingle production, music beds, voice-over / narration and more. If you don't see it here, please contact us.

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